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LCD Comparison: 17" & 19" Under 20ms

Sharp LL-T2020-H

The LL-T2020H is a high-end 20" monitor mainly designed for big accounts. Therefore, its ergonomics serve as a case study for good design: with a pivot mode, height-adjustable base, very comfortable viewing angles, internal powering, double DVI input, etc.

It would be perfect if the panel were really up to the manufacturer's specifications claims. The contrast rate is correct at 228:1 by default. However, contrary to what Sharp says, the response time is not less than 20ms. Also, afterglow is clearly visible, even in the slowest games.

Like the high-end Eizo and Philips monitors tested recently, the LL-T2020H tries to do too much. Rather than making do with 8 bits per color, which is what the panel does, it uses 10 bits. This method is supposed to improve the look of photos by softening the shading. The monitor is not content with 256 levels per color, it interpolates even more to reach 65,536 colors. The trouble is that this interpolation gives rise to pixels that dance during DVD film play. So instead of a nice smooth uniform surface, you get an obvious flicker.

Also, Sharp's ASV technology, based on the Fujitsu MVA, does not yet offer the latest TN+Film panels for liquid crystal responsiveness.