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MPEG-4: Optimization of Picture Quality and Data Rate

Focus On The MPEG-4 Fast Motion Codec, Continued

The two examples above show the same sequence coded with the fast motion codec, but at different data rates. While the first video, with an average data rate of 1500 kBit/s, shows very sharp detail quality, compression artifacts become visible in the case of the second video with 250 kBit/s. As we are dealing with a very dynamic sequence, the use of the slow motion codec would generate a clear deterioration in picture quality.

The magnification clearly shows the compression artefacts with lower data rates.

The fast motion codec proves its strengths in the case of picture contents with many movement vectors. An example of this is a test sequence from the film "The Jackal".

In spite of a lot of movement in this sequence, all the details can be clearly made out - thanks to the fast motion codec.