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Radical CPU Coolers from CoolIT

The Eliminator

The Eliminator was released after the Freezone, and it shows. Although the unit is functionally similar to the Freezone, it is smaller and more elegantly designed. The Eliminator's Thermal Control Module is integrated into the main unit, which eliminates the need for routing wires inside the case as is necessary with the Freezone.

Installation is basically identical to the Freezone described above, but there are a few marked differences. The water block installation combined with the wires and standoffs on the motherboard are identical to those of the Freezone. However, the hoses between the water block and Eliminator are even shorter than those on the Freezone. This made it a bit more difficult to do the install with only a single pair of hands.

While the Freezone requires an adapter for installation in a 120mm fan slot, the Eliminator is 120mm-fan-slot ready. The unit is lighter than the Freezone and a bit easier to handle.

The biggest improvement is the integration of the Thermal Control Module into the main Eliminator. Gone are the wires on the Freezone; you only have to hook a single 4-pin Molex connector into the Eliminator and its good to go. In addition, you can control temperature with a simple low-med-high switch that can be operated with human hands, as opposed to the tiny unmarked temperature control on the Freezone that requires a very small screw driver. This is a much, much better design.

With both units installed, let's see how they perform!