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Sapphire Graphics Cards' Pick and Choose Game Bundles

Game Limitations

Although the game we installed worked just like the in-store version, there are a few discrepancies users should be aware of. Once activated, a game can only be played on the computer on which it was installed; ActiveMARK's software had modified several of the game files. The result is that regular patches and updates of the game will not work with this version!

If a "normal" patch is installed, the game will start up and then suddenly prompt you to install the non-existent original installation CD or DVD - and cease functioning. For that reason, only ActiveMARK-certified updates can be used. In order to reactivate the game after inadvertently using the wrong patch, you have to reinstall the game and subsequently reactivate it via ActiveMARK.

Want to rebuild your computer and replace a few hardware components? Here again, you might find that this will require Trymedia to reactivate it. Anyone recall Windows XP? ...

More information about customer support and answers to anything not covered here can be found on the Trymedia Website: