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Phenom 9700, AMD's 1st Quad-Core CPU

Chipsets - The Spider Platform

As part of the introduction of the Spider platform, AMD also unveiled its 7-series chipsets. The new chipset family gets its own logo:

Together with the Phenom CPU and the HD3800 family of graphics cards, the new 7-series chipsets form the Spider platform. If a system consists of these three components, the manufacturer or reseller can use the "Spider" brand name as well as the logo, but isn't obligated to.

For AMD it is important that the Spider platform uses components that work together smoothly and have been tested together. For the user, the benefit lies in the fact that a single driver package will be able to install and set up all of the basic components in a system.

Spider platform example configuration

Spider platform example configuration

For those of you who would like to download the Spider wallpaper, we are hosting it on our website in four different resolutions.