Phenom 9700, AMD's 1st Quad-Core CPU

Phenom Fits In Every Socket

AMD has learned from its past mistakes. When AMD transitioned from socket 939 to socket AM2 with the introduction of DDR2 RAM, the customers were less than thrilled. For the buyers, the switch meant higher costs (new motherboard, CPU and memory) and brought no tangible performance increase with it. For this reason, AMD designed the Spider platform to offer compatibility and to spare the users from repeating the unpleasant experience of having the entire platform switched.

Compatibility across all sockets

Therefore, the Phenom processor does not require a new motherboard with Socket AM2+. The CPU will run in a socket AM2 board as well without any problems. In this case, the processor reverts to either Hypertransport 2.0 or 1.0, depending on the motherboard and operates completely normally. A BIOS update may be required, though. Even future processors manufactured on a 45 nm process and supporting DDR3 memory will run in socket AM2 and AM2+ boards. The 45 nm CPUs are slated for release in 2009 and will add support for socket AM3.

A comparison with Intel

The competition would do well to follow the example set by this strategy, which should find many fans among the buyers.

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  • spearhead
    good review but you should have had included more result of the overclocked phenom. i just want to know how much juce i you can push out of it for me it is a must it beats the 6400+ otherwise its not worth purchasing in my opinion, it just has to beat its older generation when its running at same clocks.that is why amd has to work on its clock speed and cache. hopefully deneb will be out soon. i would also realy appriciate it to see some review about the phenom 9850 black edition compared against both the 6000+ 6400+ and q6600 and q9300 and maybe some e8xxx model. with overclocked results. pushed it to the maximum. would be realy cool hehe :)
  • haifen
    The SB700 does indeed support at least one PATA port as my motherboard has an IDE connector and I can use it with the ATIIXP PATA driver.