Phenom 9700, AMD's 1st Quad-Core CPU

AMD's Chipsets - 790FX, 790X And 770

Alongside the new Phenom processor, AMD is also introducing three new chipsets for the AM2+ socket, all of which are compatible with the PCI Express 2.0 standard. The biggest of the three chipset versions, the 790 FX, supports up to four graphics cards running in a Crossfire-X configuration. This functionality will only be unlocked in January of 2008 through a new driver. AMD promises that the four-card configuration will offer three times the performance of a single card.

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AM2+ Chipsets with DDR2
Row 0 - Cell 0 790FX790X770
PCIe 2.02x 16X1x 16X + 2x 8X4x 8X1x 16X2x 8X1x 16X
Crossfire Xmax. 4 Cards2 Cardsnot supported
Code NameRD790RD780RX780

MSI demonstrates AMD quad Crossfire

In addition to the PCIe lanes for the graphics cards, the chipset offers six additional PCIe lanes to attach other devices such as a network adapter etc.

For now, the chipsets will be paired with the SB600 southbridge. Starting in January of 2008, the motherboard manufacturers will be able to use AMD's newer SB700 southbridge in its place. This brings the following changes to the table:

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Comparison SB600 vs. SB700
Row 0 - Cell 0 SB600SB700

One of the most noteworthy features of the AMD chipset is its low power consumption. The chipset is rated at a TDP of only 10 Watts, which is due in large part to its 65 nm production process. For reference, Intel's chipsets are rated at a TDP of 26 Watts and use a 90 nm process.

The pricing of the chipsets is another highlight, as boards built around the smallest version will be available starting as low as €69.

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  • spearhead
    good review but you should have had included more result of the overclocked phenom. i just want to know how much juce i you can push out of it for me it is a must it beats the 6400+ otherwise its not worth purchasing in my opinion, it just has to beat its older generation when its running at same clocks.that is why amd has to work on its clock speed and cache. hopefully deneb will be out soon. i would also realy appriciate it to see some review about the phenom 9850 black edition compared against both the 6000+ 6400+ and q6600 and q9300 and maybe some e8xxx model. with overclocked results. pushed it to the maximum. would be realy cool hehe :)
  • haifen
    The SB700 does indeed support at least one PATA port as my motherboard has an IDE connector and I can use it with the ATIIXP PATA driver.