Phenom 9700, AMD's 1st Quad-Core CPU

Phenom Caught A Processor Bug - Remembering The Pentium 60

A statement about the Phenom 9700

Somehow, we couldn't help but think back to the P60 as Dave Everitt informed the audience that a processor bug had found its way into the early Phenom processor samples. The bug causes the system to freeze when a certain combination of instructions coincides with extraordinarily high traffic.

This bug can only be reproduced in the lab but does not occur under normal, real-world conditions. It is still present in the 2.20 GHz and 2.30 GHz versions of the Phenom (9500 and 9600).

As a result of this bug, the 2.4 GHz version of the Phenom with the model number 9700 has been pushed back to January of 2008. When it comes out, that version will not contain the bug.

This turn of events caught both the press and AMD's employees completely by surprise as this fact was completely unknown before the launch event. Currently, many online stores still list the Phenom 9700, but any attempt to order it should end in a cancellation by the retailer.

Still listed - Phenom 9700

We did not encounter any crashes or instabilities with the CPU we received for testing.

We should mention that bugs like these are nothing extraordinary and are a comparatively commonplace occurrence. The processor makers list these bugs in so called Errata that detail the specifics of each bug. In most cases, the error is fixed in the next stepping of the CPU without the user ever knowing it existed in the first place. Intel, for example, details how the errata on each of its processors can be provoked to cause an exception or error. In other words, the fact that the first batch of Phenom processors has a bug shouldn't be dwelled on all that much.

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  • spearhead
    good review but you should have had included more result of the overclocked phenom. i just want to know how much juce i you can push out of it for me it is a must it beats the 6400+ otherwise its not worth purchasing in my opinion, it just has to beat its older generation when its running at same clocks.that is why amd has to work on its clock speed and cache. hopefully deneb will be out soon. i would also realy appriciate it to see some review about the phenom 9850 black edition compared against both the 6000+ 6400+ and q6600 and q9300 and maybe some e8xxx model. with overclocked results. pushed it to the maximum. would be realy cool hehe :)
  • haifen
    The SB700 does indeed support at least one PATA port as my motherboard has an IDE connector and I can use it with the ATIIXP PATA driver.