Sharp Sampling 4K IGZO Displays for 15.6-inch Laptops

Sharp has announced that in order to "support emerging demand for 4K panels for notebooks," the company has become the first manufacturer to provide 15.6-inch notebook displays that offer a resolution of 3840 x 2160 (282 ppi).

Though technical specifications are still pending, it is known that the panels utilize Sharp's IGZO technology which "improves light transmission and enables thin-film transistors to be more compact."

Sharp began sample deliveries of its 4K IGZO LCD panels this month, and production is scheduled to begin in February 2014 at Sharp's Kameyama Plant No. 2. While there's no information on what companies will be adopting this display, XBit Labs has speculated that Apple may install it onto the next-generation MacBook Pro "provided that supplies are decent."

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  • The Indomitable
    But I still can't get a good 120hz 1ms response time IPS in 24"
    And they wonder why the desktop market is losing sales.
  • slomo4sho
    What is the purpose of this? There are not mobile GPUs that can currently support gaming at 4K resolution...

    Next we will be seeing 4K on phones... As if the clarity between a 720P and 1080P wasn't already baseline indistinguishable by the human eye...
  • Geef
    Pretty soon won't need digital projectors for movie theaters. Just a laptop with a projector on the other side. The dude with the laptop can play the movie and surf the web all at the same time. :p