Palit, Gainward Packs GTX 580 Cards with 3 GB

Tech Connect reports that both Gainward and parent company Palit Microsystems have announced GeForce GTX 580 graphics cards with 3 GB of GDDR5 memory each.

According to the report, the Gainward offering sports the Phantom brand and a custom cooler with three 80-mm PWM fans, six heatpipes, a copper base and 44 aluminum fans. The Palit card also comes with a custom cooler, however it only utilizes two fans.

Out of the two, Gainward's GTX 580 Phantom looks more like a miniature radiator (seen right). However beyond that, the card itself features the typical GTX 580 setup including 512 CUDA cores, a core clock of 783 MHz, a shader clock of 1566 MHz, a memory clock of 4020 MHz, a 364-bit memory interface and DirectX 11 support. There's also dual DVI ports, HDMI and DisplayPort connections. The card follows Gainward's previous GeForce GTX 570 Phantom card with 1280 MB of memory, and the GeForce GTX 580 GOOD with 1536 MB of memory.

As for the new Palit GeForce GTX 580 graphics card, it appears to simply double the memory found on Palit's previous 1536 MB version. Like the Gainward version, the card offers the same GTX 580 basics including 512 CUDA cores, a core clock of 783 MHz, a shader clock of 1566 MHz, a memory clock of 4020 MHz and so on.

"Top notch performances with nice design, the dual-fan cooler design of Palit GTX 580 emits the heat more effectively but remains the noise level under control at the same time," the company said in regards to the previous 1 GB model. "Palit GTX 580 provides exceedingly quiet environment in idle but also generates less temperature when it's under heavy loading during gameplay."

Currently it's unknown when the new Palit and Gainward cards will be available. Pricing was also not provided, so stay tuned-- we should see something official any day now.

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  • husker
    ctbaarsHow will going from 1.5GB to 3GB effect game play?

    You will have less money to spend on games.
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  • Lutfij
    :) count me in with the gainward card...prices anyone!?!?!
  • davewolfgang
    Insane. $800+????
  • dan117
    memory OVERKILL 9000