Thermalright's Possibly Passive CPU Cooler Designs Spotted

One of Thermalright's upcoming CPU coolers has been detailed by the folks over at FanlessTech. While the cooler will ship with a 140 mm fan, the reason it is posted on FanlessTech is because someone believes that it might actually work quite decently as a passive cooler. By itself that might not be the most notable thing. However, if you consider that the cooler itself is quite slim, it suddenly becomes very interesting.

The cooler is a C-type cooler that will be known as the AXP-200. It will be a cooler that measures 153 x 140 x 60 mm and weighs around 475 grams.

The cooler uses a total of six 6 mm heat pipes, all of which sprout from a nickel-plated copper base. These then feed the heat into the aluminum fin stack. The aluminum fin stack holds a 140 mm fan that is made of a total of 47 fins. The folks over at FanlessTech believe that with this design the cooler will actually be able to cool off a CPU with a 35 W TDP.

Sadly, there was no word yet on the pricing or availability of the unit.

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  • mortsmi7
    I'm sure a lot of coolers would work passively on cpu's with a low tdp.
  • Amdlova
    my old big thyphoon hold a pentium d 805 4.2ghz... the best cooler i have... but that with 475 grams... i really dunno if that can support even a i3 downclocked...
  • leandrodafontoura
    This product already exists, its the AXP-100. The schematics must be for a revision or a model selling without the fan.