A Wireless Keyboard With A Built-in Trackpad

Alright so it might be a little silly considering most of us buy a wireless mouse to get away from laptop touchpads, but we still sort of want one. The USB 2.4 GHz RF Entertainment Slim Wireless Keyboard with Smart TouchPad has 18 hot keys and a built-in high precision Multi-Touch touchpad.

The touchpad appears on the far right, in place of the number pad but don’t fret, you can easily switch between touchpad and numpad. All the usual two/three finger multitouch functions apply. At nearly seventy bucks it’s not the cheapest keyboard around but this thing is perfect for those trying to save desk space or people who’ve invested in desks with a slide-out keyboard shelf or people who like to browse the web from the couch.

Anyone planning on forking out $69 for one of these things? Better yet, do you own one already? 

(usb.brando.com.hk via CrunchGear)

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  • verenos
    This is perfict for a HTPC in a room without many tables for a mouse to sit one. Sign me up.
  • socrates047
    getting a gyro-mouse or even a wireless mouse on top of a wireless keyboard could be steep in some situations, but hey, this thing totally takes care of both things !
  • cadder
    I would consider buying one if it is of good quality, and yes I want it for use on the couch which is where I do almost all of my home "computing". There are quite a few similar products on newegg, starting at about $40 for wired versions, but the quality is supect.