Blizzard Talks Enchantments, More in Reaper of Souls

Blizzard has updated the Diablo III Portal on with new information about Myriam Jahzia, the Mystic. This will be a new and powerful ally in the Reaper of Souls expansion pack, a wise woman who will offer you sage advice. She's a skilled Artisan, capable of altering the very nature of even the most elaborate armor and weapons.

"She and her clan are nomads known as the Vecin—a spiritual people, blessed with magical visions. They hail from a matrilineal society who worship a powerful deity known as the Allmother. The Vecin believe that the Allmother is the source of their visions, and that it is because of her that all Vecin possess a sixth sense they call the Sight. While the Sight always manifests more strongly in Vecin women, it's especially strong in Myriam."

"Although she is quite a resourceful individual, Myriam proves no match for Malthael's forces and is trapped by their relentless advance," the blog adds. "You will have the chance to save Myriam while adventuring in the city of Westmarch, and shortly after encountering her, she will offer her Artisan services to you, regardless of your level."

Blizzard's blog also talks about enchanting. Players can reroll one property on a Rare or Legendary item by speaking to Myriam, opening up her Enchant menu, and then paying a material cost. Not all properties can be rerolled, but the ones that are capable can be rerolled over and over again. Blizzard wants the enchanting to be "meaningful" while allowing players to still hunt down loot with even better properties.

"Since the resulting property you receive during Enchanting will be random, it's possible that the new properties you're provided may end up being less desirable to you than the one you are replacing," the blog reads. "But fear not! In order to mitigate this type of buyer's remorse, Myriam will also offer the previous property in the list of options when using Enchanting. So if you don't like the new property that Enchanting offered you, you can always choose to keep the old one."

The blog also goes into Transmogrification, which can be read here.

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  • FloKid
    Shouldn't the amount of acts in an expansion grow exponentially?
  • Martell1977
    @Flokid - It was the same in Diablo 2, the x-pac added 1 act and some new buffs (in D2's case it was runes and charms)

    D3 seems to get more and more like a FTP world of warcraft all the time. I would prefer they implement something like runes and charms again. It doesn't have to be the same, but something similar would be nice, add some variety.
  • jimmysmitty
    The funny thing is that the Mystic is not new. They removed her from D3 during development but left a quest in (the one you rescue from the Spider Queen).

    Its interesting too. Even with the removal of the AH system coming soon, it will still be an always online game

    They also seem to not know what people really want, as has been said before, more variety and a better item system. It gets tiring picking up the yellows to find all of them are pretty much vendor or the legendries and finding they are nothing but shiny brimstones.