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Highspeed: FSB At 330 MHz, Memory At 285 MHz (DDR550)

5 GHz Project: CPU Cooling With Liquid Nitrogen

An important aspect of overclocking is the ratio between the FSB and memory speeds. As revealed in our trials over the last few weeks, in synchronous operation (FSB and memory clocks are identical), the DDR550 memory now available can reach a maximum 285 MHz. Since we only had P4 processors with a fixed multiplier (multiplier lock), it was necessary to substantially raise the FSB speed to achieve a clock rate beyond the 5000 MHz mark. Current P4 CPUs run at a standard 200 MHz. In order to achieve a clock rate of 5 GHz, we needed an FSB speed of 294 MHz.

Note : A multiplier between 2.0 and 17.0 was allowed on the selected P4 CPU with the best features. That meant that from the outset synchronous operation of FSB and memory speed was not an option. Added to which, there are no memory modules on the market that permit this kind of clock rate. By adjusting the speed ratio to 3:2 (FSB to memory) we were able to operate the Corsair modules (DDR550) at 5255 MHz with 206 MHz.

The absolute limit : Corsair’s DDR550 memory at 285 MHz in CL3 mode

Scarce. We took it : DDR550 memory from Corsair.

1 GB of memory (DDR550) for extreme overclocking

Part of the preconditioning phase : FSB clock rate 330 MHz - and the system is stable !

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