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Results: Adobe Creative Suite

System Builder Marathon, Q1 2013: $1,000 Performance PC

Adobe After Effects and Photoshop both appear to gain little from the Core i7 machine's Hyper-Threading technology.

Unfortunately, our OpenCL-accelerated Photoshop numbers aren't quite right due to a check-box issue that kept our last config from properly enabling this API. The CPU-based tests are correct, though, and they show just how close both platforms really

Premiere Pro is a well-threaded test, so we'd expect it to benefit from last quarter's Hyper-Threading technology. On the other hand, our Acrobat workload is not, so the fact that it ran better last quarter as well suggests gains from elsewhere (a larger L3 cache, perhaps). In both cases, the older machine leads at similar clock rates.

Because it’s not a content creation-oriented application, Acrobat X will be added to the “Productivity” results of our overall performance scores.

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