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Results: SiSoftware Sandra

System Builder Marathon Q4 2013: System Value Compared

Sandra's Arithmetic module exhibits a very interesting performance scale which, if we applied it to our overall value analysis, would show the $1600 and $2400 machines offering nice value. I’m actually hoping for even more of an advantage in our real-world benchmarks to put me over the top.

There's a correlation between memory bandwidth and performance in the AES-NI-accelerated encryption test. The quad-channel controller can feed the host processor even more instructions once I overclock.

Don gave up after enabling XMP as his $1600 PC’s memory overclock. Paul turned XMP on as a baseline for his $800 machine, but wasn’t able to overclock beyond that. I picked memory I knew I could overclock, and was rewarded by an offensive 30% price hike a month later.

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