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PC Mark 2005

$500 Gaming PC: Day 2, Testing & Analysis

PC Mark 2005’s system score shows the $500 gamer far behind the System Builder Marathon configuration, but we’ll have to look at individual tests to see why.

The $500 Gaming PC’s Pentium Dual-Core takes a phenomenal lead over the System Builder Marathon’s Phenom in PC Mark’s CPU test, at least when it’s overclocked.

PC Mark’s RAM tests hand a huge win to the overclocked $500 Gaming PC, likely because we increased its FSB from 200MHz clock to 400MHz clock.

The System Builder Marathon’s drive slightly outperformed that of the $500 Gaming PC. Since this is the last individual test from our PC Mark 2005 suite, we can only assume that the oddball “System Test” results were due to the SBM configuration’s more powerful graphics card.

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