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Weight Profile

Three Sub-$500 AMD Brazos-Based Notebooks Rounded Up
Weight w/Battery5.003.445.06
Battery Weight0.670.70.69
AC Adapter weight0.830.770.71
Adapter Output656565

These three batteries have similar weights. However, Gateway and Toshiba both use a lower-density 48 Wh battery, while HP has chosen a higher-density 55 Wh battery. Considering HP is the smallest notebook of the bunch, this may seen odd, but remember that the dm1z uses the more powerful dual-core Zacate E-350 APU. In order to achieve higher battery life, a higher-density battery is to be expected, but the approximate 1.5 lb weight difference between the dm1z and its larger Brazos platform-based counterparts underscores the difference between going mobile and staying tied to a desk.

Charger-wise, all three notebooks use the standard 65 W adapter. There are no standouts here. Cable management is still a mess.

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