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Game Benchmarks: Video RAM

GeForce GT 240: Low Power, High Performance, Sub-$100

As we've explored in our "How Much RAM Does Your Graphics Card Really Need" article, most games show little difference between 512MB and 1GB of RAM unless pushed to the highest detail levels with anti-aliasing at the highest resolutions. Indeed, in the previous game benchmarks, you can see that the RAM difference isn't noticeable at the settings and resolutions we used.

Having said that, we know that certain titles can make good use of video RAM when pushing high settings combined with anti-aliasing. Let's see if Far Cry 2 demonstrates playable frame rates by either of our GeForce GT 240 samples when pushed to high levels of visual quality:

We can see in this specific case that Palit's full gigabyte of RAM on the Sonic edition does indeed provide a tangible benefit compared to Zotac's 512MB version of the card.  Once again, this is a rare case that we had to orchestrate in order to expose the difference, but it does show that more RAM can offer a benefit at high settings with specific game engines.

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