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Game Benchmark: Far Cry 2

How Much RAM Does Your Graphics Card Really Need?

Far Cry 2 isn't as demanding as Crysis, so we're going to set details to their highest levels right off the bat (Ultra Quality setting). For our second run, we'll use those same settings, but add 4xAA in order to increase the memory requirements.

Here are the benchmarks for the first round, with no AA applied:

We are seeing a very slight disadvantage for the 512MB card at 1920x1200, which increases slightly at 2560x1600. As with Crysis, the 1GB card remains right on par with the 2GB card. Let's add AA to see if we can learn anything new:

Now we're getting somewhere. We see that 4xAA is causing a very notable performance hit with the 512MB card, which only increases with higher resolutions, while the card is effectively crippled at 2560x1600. However, performance isn't hit too hard until 1920x1200, and the game even remains playable at that resolution.

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