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GT70 Size Comparison And Included Software

MSI GT70 Dragon Edition 2 By Xotic PC: Haswell Goes Mobile

Size Compared To The Alienware R17x

We have access to several other 17” notebooks for comparison. One of our favorites is the original Alienware R17x. The R17x family has gone through several iterations, and is consequently widely-used. It is a prime example of a large notebook built exclusively for high-end gaming. 

The Alienware is roughly the same width as MSI's GT70, though it has more depth in its footprint.

Thickness in the back is almost the same. Up front, though, the MSI is noticeably thinner. This difference means that the R17x's palm rest raises your hands more than the GT70's, though at less of an angle.

Keyboard and trackpad layouts are similar, though the Alienware does have a larger palm rest. Each machine is striking in its own way. However, the Dragon inset on the GT70 really stands out to us. 

Having the speakers near the GT70's screen yields a better stereo image than the front-mounted transducers on Alienware's machine.

Included Software

MSI and Xotic PC keep bloatware on the Dragon Edition 2 to a minimum.

With the exception of CyberLink's Media Suite, all of the installed software is required for the notebook’s hardware to function properly. While there were some leftover benchmarking apps, we wouldn't expect them to show up on Xotic PC's shipping systems.

Overclocking the GeForce GTX 780M is accomplished through MSI’s Afterburner software.

The KLM keyboard control software allows you to change backlight colors and effects.

The Realtek manager gives complete control over audio connections as well as speaker controls. From here, users can also apply digital sound effects.

The microphone also benefits from digital processing to maximize performance.

The P1 utility lets you launch the program of your choice by hitting the P1 key just above the keyboard.

Multimedia playback, along with optical disc burning, is managed by the CyberLink Media Suite. The suite also includes the company’s near-ubiquitous PowerDVD playback software. 

The GT70 Dragon Edition 2 shipped from Xotic PC with reinstallation discs for drivers and utilities. By default, you'll need to create your own Windows 8 recovery DVDs. If you want, Xotic will also provide the Windows 8 recovery disc as a set of DVDs or on a 32 GB USB thumb drive.

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