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Race Driver: GRID

Nvidia GeForce GTX 260/280 Review
By , Florian Charpentier

gtx 260 280 RCD

gtx 260 280

gtx 260 280

Too recent to be SLI profiled (the indispensable prerequisite for operating of bi-GPU cards like the 9800 GX2), the 9800 GX2 logically enough again broke down here. Which doesn’t add to the luster of the GTX 280’s victory... Still its performance was very good – while it beat the GTX 260 only by approximately 20%, its lead stretched to 50% over the 9800 GTX (except at 1920 *1200 and at 2560*1600 + filters). More importantly, the two new cards were the only ones that made it possible to play the game at 2560*1600 + 4X antialiasing, which made it a real treat for the eyes.

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