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Benchmark Results

NForce 780a Hybrid SLI Tested

During our benchmark session, we tested all cards in non-SLI mode first, before moving to hybrid SLI. Unfortunately, the motherboard’s "power on" circuit was apparently damaged following the re-installation of the GeForce 9800GX2, and we were unable to test the chipset’s HybridPower capabilities. The non-hybridized 9800GX2 performance results were maintained for eventual energy efficiency comparison to lower-power cards.

The 8400GS gets big help from Hybrid SLI in Crysis, but it’s still unplayable. At the other end of the performance scale, the 9800GX2 is so powerful that the AMD Phenom X3 8750 is unable to keep up.

The low end cards get no relief from Hybrid SLI in Prey, losing around 1% performance with GeForce Boost enabled.

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