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Benchmark Results: Storage Bench v1.0 And PCMark 7

Upgrade Advice: Does Your Fast SSD Really Need SATA 6Gb/s?

As always, we're turning to PCMark 7 and our own Storage Bench v1.0 to help us examine storage performance.

From the slowest SSD attached to a 3 Gb/s port to the fastest plugged into a 6 Gb/s interface, there's a wide range of results that come back here.

As an example, Crucial's 256 GB m4 drops from 168 MB/s down to 140 MB/s when you put a 3 Gb/s ceiling on its interface, even though the 168 MB/s figure itself doesn't max out a 3 Gb/s connection. Nevertheless, that's a roughly a 17% performance drop.

In comparison, Intel's SSD 320 are relatively unaffected. And that makes sense. After all, the SSD 320 is a 3 Gb/s-only drive. 

Crucial's m4 doesn't take the same sort of dive in PCMark 7. The benchmark puts more emphasis on random transfers, and that's where a narrower pipe really wouldn't constrain overall throughput. 

There's still a fair spread between the slowest and fastest SSDs, though, as the 6 Gb/s-capable models all gravitate toward the top.

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