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Installing An Ultra-Quiet Fan

Silent, But Deadly: Build Your Own Gaming-Ready 0 dB PC

Is This Thing On? Noiseblocker's NB-Multiframe at 750 RPM

Let's say your passively-cooled PC does end up in a room where it gets a little warmer than you'd like every so often. Installing a fan is inexpensive insurance, and it'll give you peace of mind that your hardware isn't baking itself. Noiseblocker's NB-Multiframe M12-S1 is an excellent choice for such an application because it’s not even audible from 50 cm away in an absolutely quiet room.

This fan should be used with its included vibration isolation pad. And there’s just enough space between the CPU cooler and the back of the case to accommodate this exact model.

You can plug the NB-Multiframe M12-S1 into the system or CPU fan connector. It really doesn't matter which you choose, since the cooler doesn't support PWM, and our chosen motherboard doesn’t offer simple voltage-regulated RPM control. None of that matters though, since running full-speed at 750 RPM is perfectly fine.

BIOS Trick

If you're using a PWM-capable fan, some motherboards can turn them off when they aren't needed. The feature looks like this in the BIOS:

The platform keeps the fan from spinning until a CPU temperature of at least 55 degrees is detected. This way, you enjoy complete silence under typical loads. We don't recommend pushing a target any higher than 55, though, because AMD's APUs are more sensitive to heat than Intel's CPUs.

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