Silent, But Deadly: Build Your Own Gaming-Ready 0 dB PC

PSU: SilverStone Nightjar 400W Zero dBA

Fanless Power: SilverStone Nightjar 400W Zero dBA

SilverStone's Nightjar 400W Zero dBA is fairly heavy as a result of its completely passive design. Thermally, this power supply should work really well in the Temjin TJ08-E because of how it's built. The Nightjar’s current street price of $160 is high, but within reason. We won’t need the PSU's 400 W output by a long shot. Of course, we know that wasting power by buying too large of a power supply (and consequently not optimizing for efficiency) is a problem). But we're getting as close as possible with SilverStone's Nightjar 400W Zero dBA. It’s getting hard to find a PSU under 400 W these days, after all.

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SilverStone NightJar ST40NF Technical Specifications
Maximum Power400 W (Passive)
Voltage RailsRow 1 - Cell 1 +3.3 V+5 V+12 V+5 VSB-12 V-5 V
Maximum (A)20 A14 A17 A2.5 A0.5 An/a
Peak (A)n/an/a31.5 A3.5 An/an/a
Minimum (A)0 A0 A0.2 A0 A0 An/a
Combined +3.3 V, +5 V130 W maximum
Combine +12 V324 W (27 A) maximum
Line Voltage99 V ~ 264 V
Line Frequency47 Hz ~ 63 Hz
PFCActive PFC (PF>0.99 at Full Load)
Efficiency82% ~ 86% at 20% ~ 100% Load (80 PLUS Bronze)
ProtectionOCP - Overcurrent ProtectionOPP - Overpower (Overload) ProtectionOVP - Overvoltage ProtectionUVP - Undervoltage ProtectionSCP - Short Circuit Protection
Connectors1 x 24 / 20-Pin Motherboard Connector (550 mm) 1 x 8 / 4-Pin EPS / ATX 12V Connector (550 mm) 1 x 6-Pin PCIe Connector (500 mm) 1 x 8/6-Pin PCIe Connector (500 mm / 150 mm)2 x SATA x3 Connector (500 mm / 150 mm / 150 mm)1 x PATA x3 Connector (500 mm / 250 mm / 150 mm)1 x PATA Connector + 4-Pin Floppy Connector (500 mm / 250 mm / 150 mm / 150 mm)
CoolingPassive, No Fans, 0 dBA
DimensionsWidth: 150 mmHeight: 86 mmDepth: 160 mm
Weight6.6 lbs

Careful Installation

Installing the power supply takes some effort, and involves taking off the case’s top panel (the hard part) and then placing it inside the chassis from above (the easy part). The PSU's sharp edges can scratch the enclosure's finish very easily, so handle the hardware carefully during installation.

After the PSU is in place, it’s fastened from the back with four included thumb screws, making it easy to finish the installation. Too bad the screws and power supply aren't available in black, though.

The 400 W version of this PSU doesn’t have a status LED (the 500 Watt version does). Instead, the on/off switch lights up when the PSU is turned on. Using a motherboard that supports ErP/EuP, we measured an off-mode power consumption of only 0.4 W.

  • ASHISH65
    great article !!!
  • azathoth
    I was disappointed there wasn't actual stress test temperature results of the APU for the passive cooling solution.

    But otherwise it's a neat article, personally I would sacrifice dead silence to use a cheaper HDD and perhaps more of those silent fans if I were to build one myself.
  • mayankleoboy1
    Great article! Much more DIY than the usual articles on Toms.
    Much appreciated.
  • _Pez_
    Great PC !, but if it was mine I would be scared... "no fan noise .. is it burning?"
  • Nintendo Maniac 64
    As someone that also uses a semi-passive PC (fan only turns on when needed), I'm disappointed that you guys left out a few big things:

    1. undervolting the CPU and GPU

    2. underclocking and farther undervolting the GPU for 2D mode

    3. hybrid cooling setup for GPUs where the fan only turns on at a high temperature (may require GPU BIOS editing depending on GPU model)

    OPTIONAL (due to risk): removal of CPU IHS
  • dudewitbow
    no love for sapphire's passive ultimate HD 7770?
  • Madn3ss795
    Pentium G2120 + Sapphire Ultimate HD7750 would have been a better choice. And you can pay extra for a low-power Core i5 instead since it's not that expensive compared to the rest of this build.
  • ivyanev
    When i hear gaming from the TH I really expect to see something in the realm of 500$ SBM machine or at least something close. What I see here is realy nice office pc.
  • Nintendo Maniac 64
    10589934 said:
    When i hear gaming from the TH I really expect to see something in the realm of 500$ SBM machine or at least something close. What I see here is realy nice office pc.
    The main issue is the GPU, and that would require a hybrid passive-active cooling solution much like was done for the CPU, but for some reason they didn't even try such a thing...
  • twelve25
    I wonder about an i5 or i7 S or T model and crossfire 7750's. You might need a bigger case and a longer motherboard that allows gaps between cards.