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CrossFire: A10-5700 And Radeon HD 6670

Dual GPU: Performance Boost or Nonsense?

Even without the complexities of micro-stuttering, missing CrossFire profiles, and driver issues, we really don’t think that CrossFire makes much sense in this kind of build. Nevertheless, we gave it a shot anyway, if only to be thorough.

AMD recommends pairing our A10 up with a Radeon HD 6670 or 6570, so our passively-cooled HIS Radeon HD 6670 iSilence 5 was an ideal candidate.

In order to use the APU and a discrete graphics card in CrossFire, you have to enable the feature in your motherboard's UEFI. After booting back into Windows, CrossFire is good to go.

Graphics Benchmarks

Naturally, we weren't able to include the Intel-based systems in our CrossFire benchmarks, so the A10-5700 APU is all that’s left.

Bottom Line So Far

AMD's A10-5700 APU and Radeon HD 6670 in CrossFire are slower than a Radeon HD 7750, while using more power. The only reason to even consider such a setup would be to more completely utilize old hardware you already own. So much for that little experiment.