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HP's App Catalog

HP TouchPad Review: A Tablet For Productivity?

HP PivotHP Pivot

HP Pivot: July 2011 EditionHP Pivot: July 2011 Edition

The App Catalog is the equivalent of Apple’s App Store, structured a little differently. When you first open the App Catalog, HP Pivot pops up. It’s a monthly online magazine built into the interface that spotlights new programs and provides information on using the TouchPad.

Beyond that unique feature, the App Catalog is a straight-to-the-point shopping hub. There is no fancy artwork. Everything is sorted into categories in a column-based browser.

Mastercard and Visa OnlyMastercard and Visa Only

To buy an app, you simply click install and a prompt appears for your credit card information. HP currently only accepts MasterCard and Visa as payment methods, which is an inconvenience for those who prefer PayPal or American Express.

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