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Z68 Extreme7 Firmware

Round-Up: Four Z68 Motherboards From $220 To $280

ASRock’s OC Tweaker menu still includes an “Advanced Turbo 50” setting, though a 50% overclock on any Sandy Bridge processor is unrealistic at tolerable voltage levels. The Optimized CPU OC Setting menu does have some practical overclocks, from 4.0 to 4.8 GHz with our processor, though the 4.6 GHz setting was the highest we could use successfully.

Though overclocking is possible with Intel SpeedStep Technology disabled, it must be enabled to reveal the full set of power limits. Both long-term and short-term power limits must be increased to allow optimal overclocked frequencies.

The Z68 Extreme7 includes integrated GPU voltage, in addition to the CPU and chipset voltage controls needed by most overclockers.

Primary and secondary memory timings are both addressed, though each setting must be set to manual to enable the adjustment menu beneath. We used XMP Profile 1 to test this motherboard’s DRAM overclocking capability.

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