Asus Intros Windows 8 All-in-One with 21.5'' Touch Display

The new ET2220 All-in-One was designed with both style and useability in mind, featuring a 21.5-inch frameless FHD LED-backlit display which can be tilted to ensure a comfortable and ergonomic viewing position. The ET2220 also includes a sleek silver stand which doubles as a carrying handle, and is also VESA mount compatible.

The ET2220 is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor and includes four USB 3.0 ports for all your file transferring needs. Additionally, HDMI connectivity and two built-in stereo speakers with SonicMaster technology will surely satisfy all your entertainment needs. The All-in-One also features a Nvidia GT610M graphics card, up to 8GB of RAM, Blu-Ray capabilities and plenty of storage.

The ET2220 is Windows 8 ready with a 10-point capacitive touch display, allowing users to enjoy a smooth and accurate experience at the tip of their fingers.

Details on pricing have yet to be announced but can be expected soon.

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  • azathoth
    Aren't the HD3000/4000 series on par or slightly faster than the 610m?
    I like the layout of the ports on the side.
    It will be interesting to see how Windows 8 would perform on this device with touchscreen capabilities.
  • frombehind
    more like this plz... but smaller, thinner, and with a battery ^^

    Would like to see a wndows-8 flavored transformer prime from Asus.
  • sten_gn
    If that is "... featuring a 21.5-inch frameless FHD LED ..." than i don't want to see version with frames ;)
  • fuzzion
    I hope it comes with a finger print resistant screen.
  • Bloob
    frombehindmore like this plz... but smaller, thinner, and with a battery ^^Would like to see a wndows-8 flavored transformer prime from something like:
  • spookie
    A Nvidia GT610M is just not worth it, we need atleast a GT630M
  • yanjustin98
    Would be interesting to see the price point on this all-in-one... I'm willing to say that for around $500 this thing would be plausible for those looking for a device used primarily for media intentions. Above that point when you get into 700+ dollars you might as well build your own computer for any purpose you might want. 8 gb of RAM, presumably at 1333, is definitely enough for a mainstream media device, while "Intel Core i5" is misleading. Definitely a good grab for a sub 650 dollar machine, but it would definitely be more cost effective and far-sighted to build a desktop machine.

    Screen is definitely impressive with 10 touch thing. Mobile graphics should be fine for anything low to medium graphics stress. Not sure what they mean by plenty of storage, but I'm pretty sure it's anywhere in the ballpark of 250 to 500 gigs. Nice built in audio options. 4 USB ports should be fine. Practically there are two ports, assuming that you use two for keyboard and mouse.

    Overall nice quality if they can put a good price on it.