AUO Unveils Convex Curved Display


AU Optronics (AUO) has announced what it calls the world’s first convex curved display after showcasing its concave curved display at SID 2008 in May. The TFT-LCD glass substrate has a curve radius of 100mm, AUO detailed, which it says requires a special thinning technology to achieve.

More here at Digitimes.

  • whats the point of that?
  • Paris Lee
    the display may be an competitor of "Electric-paper"
  • "Convex curved"...this apparently is not to be confused with the 'convex non-curved' or 'convex flat' displays?

    Thanks for clearing up the 'curved' part, had it only been convex I may have thought it to be flat!

  • duxducis
    imagine 3 22inch monitors on your table, its great but not perfect since they don't fit well together
    now imagine all 3 screen combined in 1 and gently curved for seamless view, thats the point of that for me anyway ;)