Snag an IPS Monitor With FreeSync for Only $120

Acer Nitro Gaming Series VG240Y bmiix
(Image credit: Newegg)

Not every monitor needs to be high spec. Plenty of gamers and workers use secondary and tertiary displays, especially in our new telecommuting culture. That’s where budget monitors like the Acer Nitro Gaming Series VG240Y bmiix come into play. Normally selling for $179.99, this 24-inch, 1080p, IPS monitor is now on sale for $119.99.

The Acer Nitro Gaming Series VG240Y runs at a refresh rate of 75 Hz, so it's not the best gaming monitor you could buy right now spec-wise. But it also supports AMD FreeSync and is VESA mount-compatible, plus built-in speakers. There are also two HDMI connections and one VGA connection, plus a thin bezel. On the software side, this monitor is also compatible with Acer Bluelight Shield, which lets you set how much blue light it uses to display an image.

was $179.99, now $119.99 on Newegg

Acer Nitro Gaming Series VG240Y bmiix: was $179.99, now $119.99 on Newegg
The Acer Nitro Gamer Series VG240Y bmiix is a 23.8-inch IPS monitor with a 1080p resolution and 75 Hz refresh rate. It is FreeSync and VESA mount compatible, has built-in speakers and also work with Acer’s Bluelight Shield app.

While its resolution and its framerate clearly put this monitor in the budget category, it still stands out above the many non-gaming monitors that sell for similar prices. The IPS technology is a special standout here, as many monitors in this price range opt for TN instead. Essentially, the Acer Nitro Gaming Series VG240Y bmiix doesn’t break the bank, but still offers enough features for casual gaming and a good experience for the price. 

Michelle Ehrhardt

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