Premium Chromebook Steal: Get Asus’ 14-Inch C425 for $60 Off

Asus Chromebook C425 cover
(Image credit: Amazon)

A premium Chromebook might be a tough sell starting at $649 (sorry Google), but if you’re after a sweet Cyber Monday deal on a chromebook you won’t actually hate to use and look at, Asus’ Chromebook C425 is a comparative steal at $319.99 at Amazon. That’s $180 off its MSRP, and $60 off its lowest Amazon price just a few days ago.

For that price, you get a premium silver shell that borrows heavily from the company’s ZenBook line, a 1080p IPS screen with slim bezels, 8GB of RAM and 64GB of local eMMC storage, along with an Intel Core M3-8100Y CPU. Those are quite good specs for a Chromebook. Mulitaskers and those who aren’t good about closing tabs will love the 8GB of RAM in particular.

Asus Chromebook C425: was $380, now $319.99

Asus Chromebook C425: was $380, now $319.99
This 14-inch laptop will handle Web browsing and Chrome OS productivity with ease thanks it its 8GB of RAM. The IPS screen is also quite good for a Chromebook. 

One thing in particular to note about this Chromebook is that it lacks a touchscreen. So if you are looking for something to run Android apps, you should look elsewhere. But for a Web-focused productivity laptop, the C425 looks to bring a whole lot of premium for not a lot of price.

Matt Safford

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