CeBIT 2008: Thermaltake Diversifies Itself Again

There was an avalanche of products Thermaltake was showing for the first time. There was, for instance, the trimmed down version of two existing and massive cases. The Xaser XIMX and the Armor+ MX. Nothing much to know except that they do remain quite big (still bigger than the majority of cases). One detail worth mentioning is the 23 cm fan of the Armor+ MX on the left panel.

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When it came to diversifying itself, the manufacturer showed a keyboard that integrated two 40 mm fans at the wrist rest level. The purpose is to cool gamers’ wet hands. The fans’ speed can be regulated using a knob on the right hand side and are, of course, paired with blue LED. One has to admit that without them, the design blows and when it comes to the keyboard itself, it remains quite basic with only five shortcut keys to distinguish it from a normal keyboard. It also isn’t well finished yet.

Two other products caught our eyes. The first one is a hot plug module for classical 3.5" hard disk. You can S-ATA hard drive on this module destined to remain on your desktop and you can access to the data it holds. You can link it to a PC using USB or S-ATA and it must be plugged on the wall to bring, in return, electricity to the hard drive (the USB isn’t enough). It also is a 4 USB port hub. Thermaltake hasn’t settled on a name yet.

Finally, Thermaltake is in a whole new world with its 5 W dichroic LED lightbulb (no they aren’t USB). The manufacturer talks about a 50,000 hours MTBF, energy savings (90% compared to incandescent lightbulb) and an aluminum design that helps lower the bulbs’ temperature and increase their efficiency.

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