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New Zalman Chassis Has Top-Mounted HDD Dock

TechConnect reports that South Korean company Zalman plans to launch a PC chassis aimed at enthusiasts sometime next year. Called the GS1200, the chassis will be the successor to Zalman's GS1000 and feature a top-mounted HDD docking station similar to the one used on Thermaltake's all-black DOKKER.

Currently the details surrounding Zalman's upcoming chassis are rather slim, however based on images supplied by the company, it will sport an all-black coating and feature an I/O panel consisting of one USB 3.0 port, three USB 2.0 ports, one eSATA port and two audio connectors.

On the storage front, the GS1200 will have four exposed 5.25-inch bays and what seems to be two drop-down front panels-- each equipped with a fan--that enable easy hard drive swapping. It will also feature three pre-installed fans at the very least--one on the side and the two previously mentioned fans that are mounted on the front.

So far Zalman hasn't officially announced the chassis or provided pricing and availability, however we expect to see the GS1200 model next month during CES 2011.