DeepCool Introduces M6 Gaming Laptop Cooler

The appearance of the DeepCool M6 featuring hard edges, shapes and front-lean and packs a 2.1 speaker system (two tweeters on each side and a centered woofer).

As for media connectivity on the DeepCool M6, you can find a plug-and-play 3.5 mm line-in for most MP3 players, 4x USB output for additional peripherals, and an optional Micro-USB input for an external power source. The DeepCool M6 is also compatible with laptops with screen sizes of up to 17 inches.


It comes equipped 14 cm fan running from 700 rpm to 1,100 rpm. The fan speed is also fully adjustable with a knob, giving users full control over cooling performance and fan noise.


Pricing and available are not yet known.

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  • jhansonxi
    I've found that the fans in laptop coolers almost never match up with the vents or fans on the laptop or the feet. They block almost as much airflow as they add and the laptop never sits on them properly.
  • danwat1234
    1100RPM, not that powerful. Got to have a power mode when it is plugged into the wall.
  • razor512
    There is pretty much no need for a laptop cooling pad. Just use a piece of wood or something hard if you are going to put it on your lap.

    The laptop is designed to function in a temperature range at full load and nothing extra is needed.

    If you see someone relying on a laptop cooling pad then it generally means that they did not do proper maintenance of cleaning the heatsinks on their laptop. (remember the fins facing the air intake are the ones that get clogged, and they get clogged faster than desktop PC heatsinks, since laptop heatsinks have a higher fin density .

    If you are not cleaning your laptop heatsink every few months, then you are putting your self in a position where you may end up wasting money on a cooling pad.

    Laptop coolers cost money, but using a vacuum hose, or loosening a few screws and cleaning this,

    is free.

    If you need extra speakers or a USB hub then get devices that are cheaper and better suited for that. If you only need a surface to place the laptop on, then find some wood or something. Do not waste money on a cooling pad.