Cooler Master Lists AMD FX-9000 Supporting CPU Coolers

Following a testing process of the company's entire range of CPU coolers, Cooler Master has announced which coolers are compatible with AMD’s FX-9000 series coolers, specifically the upcoming FX-9370 and FX-9590 processors.

"All our high-end coolers are designed and built with headroom to support overclocking. We want our customers to get the most out of their system, and many of our coolers can actually handle even significantly higher thermal loads - so there is still some room to tweak the latest FX processors, especially with our liquid cooling units" said Sascha Krohn, Technical Marketing Manager at Cooler Master.

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Air CoolersLiquid Coolers
TPC-612Eisberg 120L
TPC-812Eisberg 240L
V8GTSGlacier 240L
Row 3 - Cell 0 Seidon 120M
Row 4 - Cell 0 Seidon 120XL
Row 5 - Cell 0 Seidon 240M
  • dsolom3
    I think I'll keep my Susanoo, thanks CoolerMaster ;D
  • hakesterman
    Nothing new here, same old products.
  • slomo4sho
    There is no sense in paying such a premium for a factory overclocked chip. My Seidon 120M for $10 and 240M for $60 were both great buys and would support a 4.6 and 5.0GHz overclock of a FX-8350 respectively.

    Also, this article was published on Cooler Master on July 22.

  • falchard
    Cant you sense the pride of supporting such a hot product with your coolers?
  • JimmiG
    Speaking of hot, how many of those coolers would handle a Haswell at 5 GHz or even 4.5 GHz? ;-)