Corsair Debuts Force Series 3 Notebook SSD Upgrade Kit

The Force Series 3 SSD Notebook Upgrade Kits simplifies the process of upgrading a notebook from a hard drive to an SSD drive. The kit includes a USB-to-SATA cable and easy-to-use migration software for transferring existing operating system, application, and data files from an old hard drive to the new SSD. The new SSDs come in a slim 7mm case designed to fit in most space-constrained laptops and are available in sizes of 120GB and 240GB.

The solid-state design enables SSDs to deliver faster data read and write speeds, which can reduce software load times and PC startup times. And because SSDs have no moving mechanical parts, they help notebooks run cooler, run longer on batteries, and resist data loss from bumps.

"Laptop owners have become more aware of the performance, power efficiency, and reliability of SSDs but many have been put off by the complexity of moving their existing data," said Thi La, Vice President of Memory Products at Corsair. "The new Force Series 3 SSD Notebook Upgrade Kits simplify the data migration process, making upgrading to an SSD easier than ever."

Force Series 3 SSD Notebook Upgrade Kits are available for price of $139.99 for the 120GB model and $259.99 for the 240GB model. Both drives are available immediately worldwide. To learn more about the upgrade kits, please visit Force Series 3 SSD Notebook Upgrade Kits.

  • The Greater Good
    This seems like a useful tool for the desktop as well.
  • DRosencraft
    It seems to me that this was something that should have been done earlier on, along with including the adaptor bracket to convert from 2.5" to 3.5" for desktops. On the other hand, these kits aren't that difficult to find, or horribly expensive. Even then, what did most people do when they wanted to upgrade from one HDD to another? But when you're talking about infiltrating the mass consumer market as deeply and rapidly as possible, simplicity is always best, and it doesn't get much simpler than being able to buy a drive with all the upgrade tools already in the box with it.
  • koga73
    I like the USB to SATA cable for copying files to your new hard drive... although it still presents problems. If you copy your important files on to your SSD you still have to repartition when reinstalling windows. You would almost need to split the SSD into two partitions with one for OS install and a second temporary partition for data storage. Once windows is up and going you could migrate the data from temp to OS and remove the temp partition expanding your OS partition.
  • tsnor
    I like it, but is this an add or an article ? Many SSDs ship with transfer SW and cables.