Genius Showing New Hybrid Peripherals at Computex

Genius said on Tuesday that it plans to showcase a new line of hybrid peripherals at Computex 2013 next month. This includes the Energy Mouse, a wireless mouse with a built-in 2400mAh lithium polymer battery that will recharge a mobile device, and a Speaker Mouse that doubles as a 2.1 speaker system adding more sound to a PC system or mobile device.

In addition to those two unique peripherals, Genius will also showcase the Cam Mouse (shown right), a mouse that becomes a camera with QR code scanning functions, instant upload and more. There's also the Traveler D6600, a wireless mouse that lets users switch mouse control between two different computers with a press of a button. Genius will also showcase the Transbar which is a portable Bluetooth 2.1 speaker system that doubles as a stand and works with all tablet sizes.

Also in the Computex booth Genius will reveal two new additions to its GX Gaming series of peripherals: Manticore, a professional gaming keyboard with a mechanical touch and feel (shown left), and Zabius, a gaming headset compatible with PC, Mac, PS3 and Xbox 360. Additional products will also be on hand including smartphone and tablet PC accessories, Bluetooth keyboards for Android and iOS, professional-grade graphic design tablets, audio devices, imaging devices and more.

"Genius has had a reputation for combining the functions of multiple peripherals into one sleek form factor. Recent innovations include the Ring Series: Ring Presenter, Ring Mouse 2 and Ring Pointer, which unite the functionality of a mouse and/or presenter into the form of a ring," the company said.

Earlier this month, Genius launched the Ring Pointer, a ring-styled presenter with built-in laser pointer for professional PowerPoint presentations. Prior to that, the company launched the X-G510, a six-button ambidextrous gaming mouse with unique aesthetic options like backlighting brightness and pulsation style. It also sports a dedicated DPI button to adjust sensitivity on the fly, a 1000 Hz polling rate and a 1 millisecond response time. Both products will likely make a Computex appearance as well.

We expect to learn more about the company's new products next week when they're finally revealed at Computex Taipei 2013 from June 4 to June 8.

  • patrick47018
    Seems interesting, I wonder how much
  • Grandmastersexsay
    So basically any of those mouse hybrids necessitates you using one or the other at any particular time. Try taking a video and using the mouse at the same time. These stupid gimmicks belong with the cheap tool sets, alarm clock shower radios, and other novelty items sold at department stores during the Christmas season.
  • nebun
  • ssddx
    agree.. most of this is utter garbage. the only one which looks usefull is the mouse which acts like a KVM switch.