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Samsung’s 860 EVO 1TB SSD Drops to $140

Samsung 860 EVO
(Image credit: Amazon)

SSD prices are suffering in the wake of the global pandemic and a general NAND price increase, but things seem to be settling down a bit as crowd-favorite SSD manufacturer Samsung seems to be lowering the price for its Samsung 860 EVO 2.5” 1TB SATA III Internal SSD to $139.99. The price is popping up at outlets like Newegg, Amazon and Best Buy.

The 260GB version of this SSDs is currently one of our picks for Best SSDs, though this deal definitely makes the 1TB iteration, which our Samsung 860 EVO review knocked for being too expensive, more approachable. As its name implies, this SSD connects over SATA III, is 2.5 inches long and holds 1TB of storage. It uses 3-bit per cell flash, though it reserves 2.3% of its V-NAND capacity for caching and background activities.  

was $200, now $139.99 @ Amazon

Samsung 860 EVO SSD: was $200, now $139.99 @ Amazon
Samsung’s 860 EVO series is a mainstream SSD juggernaut in the SATA space, and this 2.5 inch, 1TB rendition maintains that reputation. It uses 3-bit per cell flash, which Samsung calls “MLC” but is more commonly known as TLC, and reserves only 2.3% of its V-NAND capacity for caching and background activities.

Samsung’s 860 EVO's drives dominated almost every benchmark we put it through in our 2019 review. That includes sequential read and write performance, random read and write performance, application storage bandwidth and a slew of other tests, where it consistently beat competitors like the Corsair NeutronXTi and Toshiba VX500.

While the 860 Evo did sell for closer to $110 in January of this year, this price drop shows signs of recovery for the SSD market. 

Michelle Ehrhardt

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  • popatim
    Mx500 is $114
  • gg83
    Why buy an expensive SATA ssd? They go under or just around $100 periodically. ADATA and crucial.
  • mdd1963
    I had gotten/used several Crucial MX500s in 1 TB for $105...

    I don't consider $140 to be all that low in price, even for a Samsung.
  • ufslider
    Looked back at an order from Nov 2018, got from Amazon for $128....