Titan Announces the TTC-G27T Notebook Cooler

The Titan TTC-G27T is a universal notebook cooler that supports notebooks with a maximum screen size of 15.6 inches and includes a sleeve bearing 140 mm cooling fan on the base. The fan is USB powered, spins at approximately 800 RPM, moves up to 64.86 CFM of air, and is rated for a noise output of 26.4 dBA and an MTBF of 25,000 hours.

Titan has yet to provide any pricing or availability information, but TechPowerUp has speculated that it will arrive with a price of $25.

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  • tarzan2001
    This looks nice and might be fine for regular laptops, but usually coolers with one central fan don't deliver enough airflow in the right locations for gaming laptops. I personally use a Cooler Master Notepal U3, which has 3 smaller fans that can be placed in any desired location under the laptop. But even then I've only noticed minimal effects on the GPU temps, a little more on the CPU temps, but it did actually cool the hard drive quite a bit during intense gaming (~5-7°C lower). I think the best solution is to use compressed air to dust out the laptop and exhaust fins every few months (for me, that made the biggest difference). Most gaming laptops are designed with pretty good air flow and heat dissipation by default.
  • el33t
    Seriously... didn't u guys get anything better to report??? Next wat, XXXXXX company announces new mouse pad
  • hunshiki
    tarzan2001This looks nice and might be fine for regular laptops....
    The NotePal E1 works much better than I expected. It really drove down the temperatures, while the U3 failed to deliver. Guess it really depends on the model. (ThinkPad T520 here.)
  • arkadi
    lol whom need this crap anyway?
  • v1ctor
    coolers like this are not about driving temperatures way down as in a internal cooling upgrade. They are about not letting the temperatures go above what they are supposed to and damaging internal components. I had a couple of friend whose laptops burned out because the temperatures got too high and melted soldering inside. If you want temp to go down on your laptop you should get a desktop or somehow divert the air from your ac towards the computer or place it over a fan with some serious power while you use an external screen, mouse and keyboard. I would use a fan like this http://www.amazon.com/Lasko-3733-20-Fan-Box/dp/B00002ND67/ref=lp_3737601_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1363916535&sr=1-7 and use the laptop as a desktop on top of it while its laid flat some where. But laptops are design for high temps the portable cooler is more like insurance than upgraded cooling.