Xigmatec Reveals Two C-Type CPU Coolers

Image Source: TechPowerUpImage Source: TechPowerUpEarlier we showed you Xigmatek's Janus CPU cooler; now Xigmatek is showing off two new C-type CPU coolers at Computex: the Boreas and the Orthrus. 

The Boreas cooler follows the same principle as the Janus cooler, though instead of a small fan below the aluminum fin stack it has a bigger fan. It has five 6 mm copper heat pipes and two 140 mm PWM controlled fans. The fans can spin at speeds between 800 RPM and 1500 RPM, and push up to 38.42 CFM. Including the fans, the unit weighs 950 grams and measures 140 x 140 x 125 mm. Image Source: TechPowerUpImage Source: TechPowerUp

The Orthrus is a more interesting cooler, as it doesn't really follow the traditional C-type cooler design. Seven 6 mm copper heat pipes protrude from the base, which splits in two directions. The five central heat pipes go up to a large aluminum fin stack, which is cooled by the same 140 mm fan as that on the Boreas cooler. The other two heat pipes go to a smaller aluminum fin stack, which is cooled by a smaller 80 mm PWM fan. This fan can spin at speeds up to 2000 RPM. The entire top of the cooler is covered by a black ABS shroud. Including the fans and the shroud, the unit weighs 875 grams and measures 146 x 200 x 165 mm.

Xigmatek gave no word regarding the availability or pricing of either of the coolers.

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  • merikafyeah
    The Orthrus looks VERY interesting. Wonder how well it performs.
  • slomo4sho
    I would love to see the benchmarks on these. I have been looking for a cooler that can vent through the top of my HAF XB.
  • Sonny73N
    Look like a bad bulky design. Shouldn't air be blowing out to the back?