A Case You Can Literally Dress: InWin's Alice

(Image credit: InWin)

Sometimes, we all like to be a little weird, so we’ll forgive InWin for its latest creation: Alice. Yes, this case is themed after Alice in Wonderland, and thereby totally deviates from all usual expectations we would have from a case. As Alice would say: What an idea. A crazy, mad, wonderful idea. It also wears a dress.

In terms of specs, the case is quite straight forward. It will house up to an ATX motherboard with eight expansion slots, one 3.5” drive, three 2.5” drives – nothing all too crazy. What is odd is that the system is mounted vertically, with the exhaust at the top and all the rear I/O at the top of the chassis. Thankfully this top is covered by a plate, so none of that ugliness will be visible.

(Image credit: InWin)

The air intake is at the bottom of the chassis and supports three 120 mm fans, and exhaust is at the top and supports a single 120mm unit. This layout gives it a very straight-forward cooling channel – and you’ll easily be able to fit a 360mm radiator at the bottom of the system. CPU coolers can be up to 195mm tall, graphics cards up to 300mm long, and PSU’s up to 220mm in length. Assembly happens on a motherboard tray outside of the main chassis, and when you’re done simply drop it down the top and fasten.

Things really get wacky, though, with the case’s covers. Rather than having plastic, steel, tempered glass, or no covers, the case has a fabric cover. Included is a single InWin themed cover, but more are available with various patterns, and you can also make your own. Lighting effects from your hardware will be lightly visible through the covers. These covers simply slip on the bottom and are pulled to the top, much like a dress – so here’s your opportunity to dress and undress your case.

(Image credit: InWin)

Of course, a fabric cover won’t do wonders for noise levels, but just make sure you don’t install any loud parts to begin with.

We’re not sure when the InWin Alice chassis will be available nor what it will cost. They will be available with gray and orange top covers.

Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.