AMD Will Announce the Radeon RX 6700 XT On March 3

Radeon RX 6000 Graphics Card
Radeon RX 6000 Graphics Card (Image credit: AMD)

AMD will reveal a new Radeon RX 6000 (opens in new tab) graphics card during Episode 3 of its "Where Gaming Begins" event on March 3 on 11 AM US Eastern. Although the chipmaker didn't specify which model, it's likely going to be the much-awaited Radeon RX 6700 XT. Following AMD's Big Navi release pattern,. the Radeon RX 6700 Xt is the next SKU in line after all.

AMD's render of the RDNA 2 graphics card aligns with a previous leaked design of what the Radeon RX 6700 could look like. On an aesthetic level, the Radeon RX 6700 XT shares similar traits as the reference design for other Big Navi models, such as the Radeon RX 6900 XT, RX 6800 XT and RX 6800. However, the Radeon RX 6700 XT features a less robust cooling system with a dual-slot design.

The Radeon RX 6700 XT emerges with a shorter cooler with only two cooling fans. A quick glimpse at the front of the graphics card reveals three DisplayPort 1.4a outputs and a single HDMI 2.1 port. It would seem that AMD has removed the USB Type-C connector on the Radeon RX 6700 XT. While the USB Type-C port has its uses, it never really took off so it will please consumers to know that it has been replaced with an extra DisplayPort 1.4a output instead.

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The Radeon RX 6700 XT will be gunning after Nvidia's mid-range Ampere-based graphics cards, such as the GeForce RTX 3060 that launches tomorrow. The specifications for the new Big Navi (I guess this is really Medium Navi) graphics card are still blurry, but we expect to see a full Navi 22 (codename Navy Flounder) die, which houses 40 Compute Units (CUs). As AMD has done in the past, it's reasonable to think that the chipmaker would also put out a Radeon RX 6700, which would probably leverage a cut-down version of the Navi 22 silicon.

The rumors are painting the Radeon RX 6700 XT and RX 6700 with 2,560 and 2,304 Stream Processors (SPs), respectively. Assuming that the SP count is accurate, the XT variant will have 40 ray accelerators at its disposal, while the non-XT variant should be equipped with 36 of them.

On the memory aspect, Gigabyte has registered multiple custom Radeon RX 6700 XT graphics cards before the EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission) with 12GB of GDDR6 memory. Similary, ASRock has submitted a couple of Radeon RX 6700 SKUs with 6GB of GDDR6 memory.

Pricing and performance are important, but availability has ultimately taken up a bigger role nowadays given the graphics card shortages, crypto-mining boom and scalpers. AMD has made it clear that it'll announce a Radeon RX 6000 graphics card on March 3. However, it'll be interesting to see if it will be available for purchase sooner rather than later.

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  • edwjohn3
    Graphics card news is so much less interesting when you know the cards won't exist at anywhere near MSRP for the rest of the year
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    "Where Mining
  • Zarax
    AMD should restart Polaris-based cards production using GloFo 12nm node.
    RX590 was not a bad card and it would have the huge advantage of not competing for TSMC capacity.
  • martinezkier.dacoville
    Zarax said:
    AMD should restart Polaris-based cards production using GloFo 12nm node.
    RX590 was not a bad card and it would have the huge advantage of not competing for TSMC capacity.
    werent the 8gb 580s one of the miners choice back then.
    but honestly the 8gb 570s/80/90s were great cards albeit from higher power and heat, if i didnt got a cheap 1070 i might gotten a 590 from my 750ti, still good for my 1080p gaming. I am poor so i cant afford RTX cards :D