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Asus Dual Radeon RX 5600 XT $250 at Newegg

Asus GPU
(Image credit: Asus)

It's almost time for Black Friday and one of our personal favorite tech-themed sales, Cyber Monday. Even though we have a couple of weeks to go, vendors are already discounting plenty of computer hardware and accessories.

To help make things easier, we're compiling a list of the best deals on tech we can find and highlighting notable deals every day.

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ASUS Dual Radeon RX 5600 XT: was $309, now $249 @Newegg (opens in new tab)
The Asus Dual Radeon RX 5600 XT is available on Newegg at a $60 discount when you use promo code VGAPCJY655. It also comes with a free copy of Godfall and World of Warcraft.

This graphics card has 6GB of GDDR6. It can operate as high as 1750MHz when Gaming Mode is enabled and up to 1770MHz when overclocked.

It has multiple video-out ports, including both HDMI and DisplayPort options. It uses a PCIe 4.0 interface to connect.

Check out the Asus Dual Radeon RX 5600 XT (opens in new tab) product page on Newegg for more details and checkout options. It's not clear for how long the promo code will be valid.

Ash Hill
Ash Hill

Ash Hill is a Freelance News and Features Writer at Tom's Hardware US. She manages the Pi projects of the month and much of our daily Raspberry Pi reporting.

  • spentshells
    5600xt was 225 at the start of October
  • digitalgriffin
    It makes for a good 1080p card or medium settings 1440p card.
  • spongiemaster
    digitalgriffin said:
    It makes for a good 1080p card or medium settings 1440p card.
    Sure, but with Black Friday/Cyber Monday and other holiday sales starting this month, unless you absolutely have to have a video card yesterday, you should probably hold off on purchases unless you're trying to land an RTX 3000 card.