CES 2006: ASUS moves into notebooks, cordless phones, with a little help from Lamborghini

From what we've been able to see, there appears to be little to tie the notebooks in with Lamborghini, other than the logo badge on the top of the case. The computer will be available in black and yellow. What's in it, thus far, is unknown, though we doubt it's a 217 horsepower, 3.2 liter, 4-valve, 6-cylinder engine. Rumor has it that the on-board processor is a Pentium M, and not an AMD mobile CPU.

Asus also showed us a new cordless phone that could be going into retail pretty soon. The new device can be hooked up to any computer that has a 802.11b wireless network interface (such as any high-end Asus motherboard or any wireless-enabled notebook), and will work within the range of the wireless signal.

The best news, however, is the fact that it was designed for Skype Internet telephony. Of course, this means the phone will require Skype to be set up on the host computer. The phone itself has an easy navigation menu that allows for browsing your Skype contacts - whether it's easier than Skype itself remains to be seen. In addition, you can play back music via WLAN to your Skype phone, and attach it to any output device using the headphones jack.

While data is transferred over WLAN, the base station uses a USB connection to charge the battery. Unfortunately we were not given specific information on the battery type and standby/operating time.

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