BenQ Goes Ultra-Fast With 0.5ms Zowie XL2746S Gaming Monitor

(Image credit: BenQ / Zowie)

Zowie, BenQ's brand of gaming and e-sports products, has just unveiled the ridiculously fast XL2746S 240 Hz gaming monitor, as spotted by PC Watch

This display doesn't come with an IPS panel or high-contrast VA one, but rather a classic TN panel that allows it to hit the quoted 0.5 ms response time and eSports-ready refresh rate. The panel itself measures 27 inches diagonally and has 1080p resolution. That isn't a high resolution, but keep in mind that at 240 Hz, you'll be pushing just as many pixels as a 4K gaming monitor at 60 Hz.  

Being a gaming display, the Zowie XL2746S also arrives with FreeSync, though the AMD Adaptive-Sync's minimum refresh rate is unknown.

(Image credit: BenQ / Zowie)

The build of the display itself is quite unique. The XL2746S comes with two light-blocking shields on the left and right sides, a full-adjustment stand, along with a hub that has USB ports, audio connectors and all the expected display input connections. That includes DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 2.0 and DVI. There's even a control hub to quickly switch between different display profiles.

(Image credit: BenQ)

As far as image quality goes, the TN panel doesn't offer much beyond its gaming credentials. Static contrast is the ordinary 1,000:1, and the product page doesn't specify sRGB color space coverage. Peak brightness, however, is 320 nits.

The monitor is currently selling for $649  to about $680

Niels Broekhuijsen

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