CeBIT 2008: MSI Shows off P45 Motherboards

MSI unveiled two new motherboards based on Intel's P45 chipset at CeBIT

The P45 Neo3 works with DDR2 memory and supports Intel's 45 nm processors, code named Penryn and Wolfdale. A heatpipe system draws the heat away from the northbridge and the voltage regulation modules, while the southbridge only sports a passive heatsink. There is also a version of the board without any heatpipes, called the "P45 Neo".

MSI's P45 Neo3 motherboard with a heatpipe cooling system

The P45 Diamond is an early sample that did not even have a cooling solution attached to it yet. It only supports DDR3 memory which can officially run at up to DDR3-1333. Users that wish to equip their system with multiple hard drives should take a closer look, since the P45 Diamond sports 13 S-ATA connectors on the board plus one eSATA connector. MSI uses special "High-C" capacitors that offer good temperature stability and have an especially high life expectancy.

The P45 Diamond with DDR3 memory

MSI at CeBIT 2008: Hall 21/stand A40

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