Cooler Master Brings New PSUs And Coolers To Computex 2018

We visited Cooler Master's new PSU R&D lab a few days before Computex 2018 began, and now that the show is under way, we paid a visit to the company's booth to see if it had any other products to show off. We were in luck--Cooler Master had new PSUs and cooling products in tow.

One of those products is a concept design of the famous Hyper 212 air cooler. Another is a new hybrid thermoelectric cooler (TEC) and liquid cooling system that allows for lower-than-normal ambient temperatures. The system's radiator did indeed feel much cooler to the touch than a normal cooling system, but we'd still like to see this cooling solution in a working environment and under a heavy thermal load. Cooler Master did tell us that the new Hybrid TEC-AIO system is able to handle up to 300W of load, though, which means it should be able to handle the demands of high-end CPUs.

So far Cooler Master has sold millions of Hyper 212 coolers, and the company hopes that the new Hyper 212 will continue on the same path.

As is the case in the majority of booths at Computex 2018, there's lots of RGB lighting in Cooler Master's booth.

Cooler Master also introduced a new thermal compound featuring high conductivity, a new packaging for easier application, and a wide application range from CPU cooling to various chipset cooling. 

The MasterCase SL600M belongs to Cooler Master's new SL series of chassis, which focuses on silent operation. It has a vertical layout, so the case intakes air on the bottom and exhausts it through the top panel. One interesting detail is that the top I/O ports have a proximity sensor for their LED lighting. That should help make sure you're plugging things into the right ports without constantly bathing you in (even more) light.

We already discussed Cooler Master's upcoming V series and XG models in this article, and in the following video, you will see the XG unit's embedded LCD screen in action. But before that there is a short clip showing the Hyper 212 concept and its predecessors.

Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.

  • pensive69
    Is anyone making a micro freezer case for the really hot loads?
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    Did anyone else notice Linus Sebastian in the beginning of the video?