Cougar Debuts New Cases, PSUs And Gaming Miscellany

Cougar introduced a wide range of gaming products at Computex including gaming chairs, mice, mousepads, audio headsets and keyboards. We'll cover the mice, keyboards and audio separately. Here we'll focus on the four new PSU lines Cougar also announced, along and a new case, and a gaming chair.

Cougar, known in the past mostly for its PSUs, surprised us with the GX-S, LX, VTX and GTX. All are made by HEC/Compucase. The GX-S units feature 80 PLUS Gold efficiency and only have fixed cables. The LX models are fully modular with 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency while the VTX are budget PSUs with 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency and native cables. Finally, the GTX family consists of fully modular Gold members with compact dimensions, thanks to their restricted depth of 140mm.

As it name implies, the Cougar Panzer Max is a military style, full-tower chassis. The Panzer Max features quality construction and it can support up to 12" x 11" motherboards, along with eight cooling fans and up to four radiators. Its price will be $130-$150, and it is expected to hit the market in Q3. Cougar will also release a more affordable version of this case, with some features missing, which will cost around $110.

An interesting feature of this chassis is that the top panel along with the two handles are designed to allow the placement of a Cougar keyboard at the chassis' top side (other larger keyboards won't fit), in case you want to keep your office surface free of PC peripherals.

Finally, Cougar decided to enter the gaming chair market and introduced some of its models at Computex. A good chair is without a doubt a necessary accessory for a persistent gamer. We tried Cougar's chair only for a short period, so we are unable to render an opinion about how comfortable it will be after many gaming hours.

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Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.

  • thundervore
    Im trying my best not to laugh.

    When did Cougar fall so low that they had to go to "gaming chairs"? But I honestly cannot blame them, because it seems now these days if you put the gaming brand on anything or ROG it will sell no questions asked.

    When I game, I game on a DH9-823MM chair, mesh fabric where my body can breathe. I cannot understand how someone can sit in a leather chair and game as the sweat alone will create puddles as there is no ventilation.
  • tom10167
    Not everyone's room is 80 degrees and contrary to stereotypes not all gamers are fat. I use an Aeron... which is the exact opposite of this chair.
  • falchard
    I really need a good chair. I got one from Staples before they went out of business, and the construction is not so great.
  • thundervore
    18054675 said:
    Not everyone's room is 80 degrees and contrary to stereotypes not all gamers are fat. I use an Aeron... which is the exact opposite of this chair.

    Its not about 80 degree room temp or being a fat gamer.

    For example my room is constantly at 65 degrees or colder because I have the AC on in the spring, summer, and fall and I leave the window open in the winter even when its 0 degrees outside. Even through this, when I play games I still sweat even though the room is cold.

    What ever sweat it is, if its anxious sweat from trying to beat a high score, or nervous sweat from reaching a new level in a game, cold sweat, etc, the sweat still comes.

    My old chair use to be similar to yours Hermon Miller Aeron which I was lucky enough to get for free from my company when they replaced everyone's chairs and the Aerons were going in the dumpster. I was not going to pass up on a free $600 chair lol. I have never looked back after gaming in the Aeron.